Bridging the Endpoint Security Gap

Current PC and Server security standards are no longer adequate to stop the latest generation of attackers. Despite your investments in security you are at greater risk than ever. You've spent a great deal of money and time building a multi-layer, defense-in-depth security strategy for your organization. But, is it enough? IT security vendors have acknowledged their inadequacy and are now pushing analytics – after an attack has been successful, learn about it faster than you do today. According to the latest Mandiant threat report, M-Trends 2015, based on their research the time from an organization’s earliest evidence of compromise to discovery of compromise in 2014 was 205 days. Further, only 31% of victim organizations discovered the breach internally while 69% were notified of the compromise by an external entity such as law enforcement.

Most organizations are trying extremely hard to be secure but they are constrained by budget and staffing limitations. They continue to use the security products that they have invested in spending significant amounts of additional money managing and applying AV signatures, updating and handling application whitelists – basically trying to patch a wall around the castle that is crumbling. Any security approach that is based on attempting to stop attacks from “getting in” like signatures, looking backwards, whitelists, sender reputation, etc. is doomed to failure.

The “Gap” is the time window between when an attack has breached your defenses and the days/weeks/months before you can determine that you have been attacked. As a result of this “Gap” organizations have a serious security vulnerability that cyber-criminals are exploiting. Is there a way to identify and stop even the most sophisticated advanced unknown attacks that have gotten past the perimeter security protections and are inside the network, PCs and servers or do we give up and hope to discover the breach “later”?

There is security technology available today that can fill this gap. Download the Bridging The Gap White Paper to learn how to identify and stop attacks that have gotten past the other security layers - even if they have never been seen before.