How Fraudsters Are Using P2P Money Transfer Services

Image source: Article

Image source: Article

From phishing attacks to ransomware to malicious advertisements, fraudster’s methods for obtaining and exploiting our information are varied and, for the most part, well-known among today’s avid Internet users.

Even among the less avid Internet users, security is now more of a concern than it used to be after the numerous giant hacks that have happened recently, which compromised the information of millions.

And now, with the advent of IoT devices and the shift to making just about everything we use daily “connected” and “smart,” security is becoming a real concern for the everyday consumer.

The truth is, any time a new technology or service surfaces with the intention of making our lives easier in some connected fashion, we should be concerned about how our information might get compromised. This is especially the case with services pertaining to how our hard-earned money is handled.

P2P (peer-to-peer) money transfer services are definitely no exception. 

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