Nintex for Office 365 expands Braunton Capital’s reseller channel by 10X—without increasing cost

Image Source: Article

Image Source: Article

On-boarding channel partners, generating and managing quotes, approving documents and creating invoices were manual, time-consuming processes fraught with delays. These processes involved people emailing spreadsheets back and forth, and sending contract forms. Relying on outside parties to keep the pipeline moving, Braunton Capital lost control of their business processes.

Using a Nintex workflow automation solution, Braunton Capital now delivers customized on-boarding forms to resellers within minutes of talking to them, eliminating a delay of several days. Company employees use Nintex Mobile, on their Android and iOS devices, to capture the reseller’s name and details, populate a SharePoint Online list, and create a “term sheet” to onboard the reseller. Mobile users are able to input information into the system and drive the back end processes directly through their mobile device. They then use the DocuSign connector to automatically request a digital signature from the reseller via email. The workflow generates a notification when the reseller opens the email and another when the reseller signs the sheet. The workflow then associates the signed sheet with the reseller’s account.

The quote lifecycle workflow was also automated and now kicks off a range of actions when the reseller completes the fields. Some of the actions include secure sign-in, document assembly, and approvals using DocuSign e-signatures. Similar to the on-boarding process, the quote lifecycle workflow notifies Braunton Capital of approvals—in this case, when a customer signs off on a quote. The workflow then collates the forms and routes them to the company’s financing partner.

With a self-service client portal, resellers can always check on status, giving them complete visibility into the process. It’s a great boon for customer service, because resellers can get the answers they want whenever they want them. They feel they’re in control; not just throwing a quote form ‘over the fence’ and waiting to hear back. Automation helps Braunton with their customers.

Braunton Capital has doubled its uptake rate on on-boarding resellers from 50 percent to a perfect 100 percent and enabled them to manage 50 resellers—an extraordinary 1,000 percent increase over the five resellers the company could have managed with their manual processes.

Customers rely on real-time service. Nintex allows customers to be served at the highest levels possible by making sure business processes are optimized and easy to access. Braunton Capital has created efficiencies in customer on-boarding, self-service client portal and document approvals, all without writing a single line of code for the deployment.

Nintex Workflow’s features include an intuitive workflow designer, mobile capabilities, excellent support for cloud services and integration with third party vendors, including DocuSign. Braunton Capital chose Nintex Workflow for Office 365, Nintex Forms for Office 365, and Nintex Mobile to optimize the company’s business in the cloud.

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